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We offer a fully tailored landlord eviction service from serving free  notices, issuing possession claims through Solicitors, legal representation in court, bailiffs & recovery of rent arrears & costs

Eviction process

STAGE 1 - Serve compliant notice - Section 8 rent arrears (4 weeks if 6 months arrears or more  or 6 months notice if less than 6 months arrears ) & Section 21 (6 months notice)
STAGE 2 - Landlord commences possession proceedings through the County Court
STAGE 3  - Enforce possession order through County Court Bailiffs / HCEOs 
STAGE 4 -  Recovery of arrears and costs

Peace of mind with Landlord Eviction Service 

When you instruct us you also have peace of mind as all our claims are issued in accordance with Civil Procedure Rules and are issued by individuals who are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). As an eviction company we are not solicitors but the claims are issued by them. In addition we have full professional indemnity insurance and Employers Liability Insurance  (AXA) up to £10,000,000

We address the following
- Complex Subletting cases

- Trespasser Procedure
- Where a Section 21 / 8 wasn't served correctly
- No written tenancy agreement, no problem
- Unprotected deposit solutions
- Commercial forfeiture 
- Anti-social-behaviour 
- Where your managing agents have made errors we rectify them

- Adjournments and defences, court bundles

- Tenant sourcing and referencing so you get the best tenants

- Landlord advice regarding compliance with the new tenancy laws and Section 21 possession procedure

- We draft post October 2015 fully compliant tenancy agreements for £50

Our Fees

Our fees are very competitive and we will match any other quote


Stage 1 - Serving notice on tenant
Section 21 / Section 8 - £65.00 Section 48  - £30.00 Notice to Quit - £50.00

Stage 2 - Possession claims
Section 21 (accelerated) - £333
Section 21 (complex cases e.g. with a court hearing where no contract is in place) - £300
Section 8 (rent arrears) - £350
Section 8 other grounds - call for quote

Trespasser claims - call for quote

Legal representation  - £120-£180

Stage 3 - Enforcement 
County Court Bailiffs - Call for fees 
High Court Enforcement - Call for fees

Attachment of Earnings - Call for fees

Rent arrears recovery - call for options

Commercial Eviction

From £400

We accept all major debit/credit cards

STEP 1 - The first legal step is to serve a Section 21 notice which gives the tenant 2 months notice or a Section 8 notice (2 weeks - where there are rent arrears or other grounds for eviction i.e. breach of tenancy). By initiating this first step you are on your way to gaining possession of your property. Certain conditions need to be met to serve a valid Section 21, and if they have not then we can advise on appropriate solutions to remedy any problems. The notices need to be carefully drafted in order for the process to succeed. If they are not then you will lose valuable time and money.

Landlord Eviction Service Letter of Eviction

STEP 2 - If your tenant doesn't leave after the notice period has expired, then we commence proceedings in the County Court to acquire possession of your property and to recover any rent arrears if applicable.. There are three procedures depending on your case. 1 - Accelerated - if all conditions are met then you will acquire mandatory possession 2 - Standard (S21) - where a court hearing will be required. This is when the accelerated procedure conditions are not met. 3 - Standard (Section 8) usually rent arrears, but can be any other breach of tenancy.

Landlord Eviction Service Court Order

STEP 3 - The final step, if your tenant doesn't leave after a possession order date is set, is to enforce the possession order through a County or High Court bailiff. The process of using County Court bailiffs can be frustrating due to the timescales involved. We can instruct bailiffs and make the process seamless and quicker for you using High Court Bailiffs. When your tenant has been removed we can also assist in arrears recovery matters. Finally, if you you are intending of re-letting we can provide you with a fully tailored professional landlord service for peace of mind.

Landlord Eviction Service regain access to your property
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